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awesome character/environment design, unique art style, and you can SHRED?? really feel like this game could be something very special. thanks for the opportunity!


Thanks so much ♥ I'm glad you had fun.

It's definitely sad to abandon the project in such a scalable state. It's one of those games that absolutely *could* have been finished, but died bc I couldn't quite make it fit into the industry the right way.

I'm sure you will see bits and pieces of it in my future projects ;)


Just a heads up for folks on macOS 10.15 who get this error:

For some reason the binary at Contents/MacOS/In The Crags was not flagged as executable. Fix this by cding into the directory in the terminal, then running `chmod +x In\ The\ Crags\ b0228\ mac`. That works. After that, I get this notification, too:

Which is probably Unity messing with your entitlements. (It also tries to connect to Unity's servers at launch.)

Now I can play tonight!


Really loved this demo!!! Gonna draft up an email soon to expand on some stuff and share some of my favorite screenshots.... thank u